Monday, September 26, 2011

My Eternally Busy Life

It feels like I’ve only been back at school for a few days, but it's actually been three weeks, and already I have to start thinking about applying for university entrance and scholarships. Thankfully for the former, my marks are great, and so as long as they stay basically the same, I’ll get in almost anywhere I apply. I work hard, and it’s paying off.
There’s just one teensy little fly in the ointment: I’m planning on studying engineering. And engineering is unfortunately one of the most expensive degrees to acquire. Depending on the university, commerce can be more, but with lab fees and such, engineering is not kind to the wallet.
The other degree option I have seriously considered is computer science - cheaper, lower courseload, more freedom to take electives. And yet I know engineering gives me so many more options, and it’s a lot easier to transfer ‘down’ (aka to CompuSci, the lower workload option).
What all of this means is that scholarships have become incredibly important to me. As have their deadlines, which are fast approaching! The applications are long and confusing, and getting them in requires at least two other forms verifying your information - it’s all too much, too soon.
But I have to apply. And I know if I do, I have a good chance of winning at least some money. Last year, I won a minor award - 250$ - from the University of Toronto, based on a transcript, a resume, and a short essay I wrote the night before the application was due.
So I have hopes, but it’s still a lot of extra stress.
Speaking of added stress, this weekend I decided to play ringette again this year, adding a layer of complexity to my life that I was trying to be happy about having eliminated. But I missed it too much, and I would have regretted it. So I’m playing again, although I’ve told the coach I won’t have great attendance.
Other than that, this weekend I didn’t get anything done really, despite everything I needed to do. At least I managed to get one very important task done - I made bark! For those of you who haven’t encountered this heaven, it’s a delicious crunchy caramel and chocolate treat. One good recipe can be found here.
I recruited a friend and we made plenty: for another friend’s birthday, for our families and for my hockey team. We made so much we had to go to the store to buy more ingredients! I’ll put up a picture of the big sheet we made - it measures about 18x24 inches - when I get it off my camera. (edit: see below) We also made a smaller sheet which we decorated with the birthday boy’s name in white chocolate.
Life certainly has started again. It’s busy, but as my inability to quit ringette shows, I wouldn’t have it any other way… although I could certainly do without the procrastination.

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