Monday, September 19, 2011

Two Pleasant Surprises

    The first few weeks of school are always crazy. Once again, we must adjust to homework, rising early and generally feeling way too busy. The last two weeks have definitely been tough in those respects, but also fun, as the first few exciting weeks always are. Thankfully, while last week was tiring, I had two unexpected pleasant surprises to perk me up.
First: After I got my braces off on Tuesday, my teeth look fantabulous!!! I’ve known since July I was getting my braces off on September 13, but I was worried my teeth would be stained and dirty from two and a half years of limited toothbrush access. In short, they aren’t! Instead they’re really straight and shockingly big (although I’ve gotten used to that now, it was kind of scary at first).
Here's a picture of my new teeth. It's not the prettiest, but I'm not identifiable in it, which is also important. 

Second: There’s this rather random short story I wrote maybe a year ago called Fire. Since then I’ve edited it a bunch and submitted it in various incarnations to three or four contests, but I knew it wasn’t stellar, and it showed in the lack of accolades.
So this weekend I finally posted it on Fiction Press, as I try to do with nearly everything I write these days. I wasn’t expecting much of a response - I’m not a particularly popular author - but the very same day I received a review. The reader was ‘looking forward to the rest’ and asked me to ‘please update soon’. I was flabbergasted.
When I posted Fire, it was as a one-shot. In my mind, the story was done. It was tragic and bitter and complete. I wasn't even particularly fond of it anymore. But that review got the authorly wheels in my brain spinning. There will definitely be more to the story now.
It’s funny, I’ve been meaning to put up a full-length story on Fiction Press for quite some time, but keep procrastinating. Now, I might end up with Fire as a full-length story, completely by accident. Of course, first I have to figure out what kind of world the story is set in, and who my other characters are…
It’ll probably be a while before any more chapters actually get posted, but I’m excited to have at least one reader already. Maybe you could be another… check out Fire, and please let me know what you think.
May your week be full of pleasant surprises as well!

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