Monday, April 30, 2012

April's Awesome Adventure

It's the last day of Script Frenzy today, and the end of a pretty sweet month of writing, story-telling, and community building for me. Sure, our local Screnzy group is still way smaller than the corresponding novel-writing group in November, but it's been a blast meeting people and getting to know everyone more personally.

As for my script, I reached 101 pages, and "The End", yesterday. This year, despite the added challenge of learning to write for the stage, I never doubted I would win. I opened up a big lead early on, reaching 50 pages in the first week and 80 by day twelve. Then life got crazy, with a bad case of the flu, track season beginning in earnest, and moving to a new house. I didn't write at all for nine days. But I was still confident.

With NaNoWriMo, I find it almost physically challenging to write 1667 words a day because of the time it takes and sheer number of words. Script Frenzy, on the other hand, involves producing a formatted script, which is designed to have tons of white space. So for me, it's easy to write five pages or more in a day. The 20 pages I had remaining after day twelve were, in fact, written on just four separate days in sets of five.

But enough about me and my writing. Truly, the most fun aspect of this Script Frenzy was being ML for the Ottawa region. I got to organize dinners where I met tons of amazing people, as well as write-ins at a delicious dessert cafe called Oh So Good, and send out overly peppy emails to hundreds of participants.

I also, kind of unexpectedly, got to be on the radio. At the end of March, I had sent an email and a press release to CBC's All in a Day. Alan Neal had interviewed a couple Wrimos in November, so I figured if anybody would be interested in Script Frenzy, it would be him. I didn't hear back, and I sort of forgot about the whole idea. Then, one lazy Friday afternoon, I got an email asking for two script-writers to be on the radio on Monday. To make a long story short, when the associate producer found out I was 18 and MLing, I ended up as an interviewee.

Being on the radio talking about Script Frenzy was nerve-wracking, but also a ton of fun. The best part was getting the chance to spread the word about an event I truly believe changes the world for the better. Applying to be a Script Frenzy ML was one of best decisions I have ever made. I don't know if I can ML again next year, since I'll be in a new city, and April is university exam season, but this is definitely an experience I want to have again. Thank you to Chris Baty and everyone at the OLL for everything!

In not so good news, between writing, MLing, school and the "real life" nonsense that dragged me down this month, I have let this blog lapse since April began. But May arrives now and I am returning to my regular schedule of weekly posts on Mondays. I'd love to have you keep reading, or follow me on Twitter (@amethystars).

In any case, I hope you have a day that makes you smile.


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