Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Lucky Seven Meme

On July 7th, appropriately enough, I was tagged in the Lucky 7 meme by the always interesting EM Castellan.

Here are the rules:
  1. Go to the 7th or 77th page of your current WIP
  2. Go down to the 7th line
  3. Copy the next 7 sentences or paragraphs and post them AS IS (no secret editing - the guilt monkeys will know).
  4. Tag 7 other authors and let them know
The following is from an 18k fantasy romance story I recently did a first editing pass on. There's still work to do, but I enjoyed re-reading it, and that is always a good thing!
"Triple the guard for the rest of the night, and keep it doubled for the next few days. I don't want any trouble from this. Jennor, meet me in the village centre with the stocks. I'll fight Lavis after the morning meal."

The men nodded and began to disperse. Reid helped Leanna to her feet. "Are you alright?" he asked under his breath.

"Is Tris still alive?" she said, ignoring his question.

He nodded. "But every day she is weaker."

"I brought chammol - a herb that may cure her," she explained when he looked at her quizzically. "It's the bundle in my belt. Give it to the wisewoman. She should know what to do. If not, tell her this."

She relayed the instructions to Reid and made him repeat them back to her until she was confident he had them right. By then they had reached the center of the village, where the stocks were already set up. Reid locked her in and left. 

She slumped against the supports, too tired to care what a sorry picture she must present. The important thing was that Triss had a fighting chance now.
And now for the seven lovely author/writer tweeps I shall force this upon, in no particular order:

Jess Verve


(I feel a bit like I'm forwarding a chain letter as I name other people, so please don't feel obligated to participate, or to tag others if you do participate, although of course I would recommend it because I've had fun. If you do join in, please let me know on twitter - @Amethystars - or in the comments here.)
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  1. Ooh I LOVE fantasy romance stories and this snippet hear really hooked me. I like the dialogue and the interaction between the characters.

    And thanks for tagging me! I've never been tagged in anything before, so this should be fun. I can't wait to see what the 77th page of my wip is!

    1. Here's mine: http://raven-ashley.blogspot.com/2012/07/lucky-seven-meme.html

  2. Aww, thanks for tagging me. I love all the names in your extract!

    Here's the link to mine: http://tamarafelsinger.blogspot.com.au/2012/07/lucky-meme.html

  3. I'm glad you decided to join the fun, I love your excerpt! It makes me want to read more... Also thanks for following my blog!

  4. Aw! Thanks so much for tagging me!