Sunday, July 1, 2012

Until My Last Breath

Until my last breath
I will protect you
From all the dangers of the world

Until my last breath
Anyone who hurts you
Will have to reckon with me

Until my last breath
I will hold you when you cry
Heal you when you're hurting
Stand always by your side

Until my last breath
I will love you
So hard it hurts
With every fibre of my being
And I will protect you
Even from yourself

I mentioned in a recent post that I am thankful for my sister and the close relationship we have. This poem was inspired by the protective feelings I have for her, and for my best friend, who it like a sister to me - a little sister. I don't think I have it in me to see anyone as an older sister. Growing up, being a big sister was most of my identity, and it's still a big part of who I am. I think that's why, over the years, I've stood in as a big sister for plenty of people, many of whom I was only sort of friends with. 

From the girl who needed help figuring out what to do when she got her period for the first time on a school trip, to the girl who needed a shoulder to cry on when she was stuck at an AP exam and her family was having drama, to the girl who wanted my advice on what university to choose, because she wasn't sure about leaving home, I've been surprised and honoured to have so many people turn to me for help. I guess they know that I see it as my job to step up to the plate and make stuff happen.

So I dedicate this poem to all my 'little sisters' who have trusted me with their problems over the years. I hope I helped.


  1. Making the transition from someone who asks for help to someone who gives out advice can be rather difficult. I've been getting people ask me for applying to college and graduate and I still find it a bit unusual that people want to know about what I have to say. But I hope that it's a small way in which I can make the world a better place.

    1. Very true. And I think recognizing that everyone makes many of those transitions over a lifetime, with regards to many different subjects, can be humbling. Being able to look at the 'clueless' people asking for help and remember how recently that was me always makes me more eager to help.