Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Why You Should Be A NaNoWriMo ML

Today is the first day of the August session of Camp NaNoWriMo, an amazing event where - just like regular NaNoWriMo - writers around the world attempt to write 50 000 words in a month. 

The biggest difference between the two events is that Camp doesn't have Municipal Liaisons (MLs), and while Camp is still a ton of fun, November NaNo wouldn't be the same without the local gatherings, the fun of meeting people in person, and the community we build. And while all that is possible without an ML, it's a lot easier with someone who has the responsibility and the power to take the lead.

But my region doesn't have an ML for this fall. (My old region, I should say, since I'll be at university this fall, elsewise I'd be volunteering.) And that makes me pretty sad. I hope someone steps up, but I'm writing this to ask you, whether you're in Ottawa or not, to go check, right now, if your region has an ML (go here & scroll down). 

If so, great. Maybe send them a message of support, now or after seeing what a great job they do in November. But if not, please consider filling out the applicationNaNo needs MLs. It's not as hard as you might think, and way more rewarding than I can properly describe.

I ML'ed for Script Frenzy in April, and it was one of the most fun commitments I have ever made. If you're nervous about trying to lead, get together with a friend and be co-MLs. If you think it will be too much work, let me tell you: being an ML is as much work as you want it to be.

If you want, you can put up posters, contact media, raise funds, send out daily emails... or you can organize a kick off, a TGIO and maybe a few things in between. Whatever you're comfortable with. And trust me, people will step up to organize other meetings - you just have to get the ball rolling.

Still unsure? I promise, HQ is very supportive, as are the other MLs. Once you're in, you get helpful emails, an awesome guide and private ML forums where you can ask anything you want.

For right now, if you have questions about ML'ing, you can ask your previous ML (if there was one) and check out last year's events (via google calendar) by visiting your region's homepage. For anyone considering ML'ing in Ottawa, go here.

The deadline to submit an application is August 12th. Think about it. And then go download that application!

I was an ML at 18, and it was amazing. Whoever you are, you can be an ML too.

So tell me... does your region have an ML? If not, are you considering it? Hit me up with your thoughts and questions here or on twitter @amethystars.


  1. Being an ML is soooo rewarding! I MLed for Script Frenzy for 2 years, and Nanowrimo for 1. And it's true that it's not as time consuming as you think. Plus, OLL always supports you if you find you can't fulfilled your obligations.

    1. Exactly! I think people just don't know what to expect, and are scared/nervous of the unknown. But very quickly ML'ing ust becomes another great facet to the NaNo/Screnzy experience.