Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Letter from my NaNo Novel

Dear Morgan's friends:

I am Morgan's 2012 NaNoWriMo Novel. I will be at least 50 000 words long, and written entirely in the month of November - which, yes, is only 30 days.

I should be up front with you - this is a warning that I am kidnapping your friend Morgan for a month and replacing her with writer Morgan.

This new creature may respond to "how are you?" with groans, tears, long rants about how annoying having to do schoolwork is, or excited tirades about the progress of, well, me. Once in a while you may also get normalcy. Don't expect it though.

Speaking of which, Morgan may also stop sleeping, eating, showering and socializing for the next month. The dishes will not get done. Neither will laundry. Google "1667 words song" to get a musical interpretation of what Morgan will be experiencing for the next month.

Come December, I will return Morgan to the world, in more or less decent condition. She may be forced to hibernate for a while to catch up with regular life in time for exams. I hope you will help her survive both the writing and the catching up.

Morgan's Novel.

aka "The Bloodmage's Sacrifice" 

P.S. Find out more about me here.
P.P.S. Keep up with Morgan's progress here.


For anyone wondering if/when I'll follow up on my last post, it will be soon. Just not today. Today, it's time for bed. Because tomorrow, NaNoWriMo begins!

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