Tuesday, February 5, 2013

FAWM Contest: Find the Clue, Get a Song!

So last night I needed to get a lot of stuff done, mostly studying for my chemistry midterm and applying for summer jobs. 

Obviously, this meant that I wrote, recorded and uploaded my first FAWM song of 2013. (For the curious, FAWM is a bit like NaNoWriMo, only 14 songs in 28 days.)

Called "In King City", it's based on FAWM's week one prompt: "Write a song about a city or town."

I wrote about the city I live in for university (not literally King City, although I've since found out there is a place in Ontario called that - oops).

There are hints in the song about the city and my university (mostly in the chorus) and somewhere in the song is a clue that tells you what faculty I am. 

Of course, all of this info can be easily found on this blog, but I'm still going to propose a little contest.

The goal: find the clue about my faculty in the song. 

The prize: I'll write a song about whatever you want.

The fine print: The song subject must be within reason. Not that that means easy, by any means. I wrote a song using only the vowel e once, just for fun, so challenge me. But, y'know, appropriately. The song will be done by the end of February, since that's when FAWM ends.

If you can figure out any other ways I referenced my actual life (or just if you feel like enabling my procrastination), comment with a song suggestion and I might take you up on it. A title, a chorus, a subject, a word - whatever.

For the person who finds the clue - comment, tweet/DM or email me, and if you're right, I'll get writing!

If no one finds the clue by say... the 20th of February, I'll tell you the answer. But I promise, you can totally figure it out. (free hint: start with city/school and go from there. Wikipedia is your friend.)

To be honest, I have no idea if anyone will answer. And I'm a bit scared no one will. But I think it's still worth trying.

Here's the song's page on the FAWM site, with the lyrics and video. Happy hunting.



  1. I can tell you right now I know nothing about cities or universities in the US. Do you mean faculty like a course? Like... engineering? :/ I listened to the song TWICE and um, the only clue I heard was something about keeping your balance?

    Yeah, I suck. Sorry. But cool song! <3

    1. You do not suck! Thanks so much for listening to the song (liking it!) and trying to find the clue.

      Engineering is right. It's my faculty/major/degree thingy. As for the clue, if you're still interested at all (but no pressure) - my twitter profile says my city, and I'm in the biggest school here.

      P.S. While I am a dual citizen, I was born and live in Canada, not the US

    2. Ack! Sorry. Do US and Canadian universities have the same setup?

    3. No worries. For someone on the other side of the world, I imagine we blend together quite a bit! Universities in Canada and the US have a lot of similarities. One big difference is the system of super expensive private universities (especially liberal arts colleges) only exists in the States. Most/all schools (all in my province) are public, so tuition is way more reasonable.