Friday, March 15, 2013

FAWM, Food Poisoning, Provincials and Midterms... how is it mid-March already?

It's been *checks date, gulps* more than a month since I last posted here. The title of this post basically sums up the four main things that have eaten the last six weeks of my life. Midterms started the first week in February, and I have another two weeks of midterms left (we engineers call it midterm marathon for a reason!).

FAWM was a month-long affair, and although I planned on getting a big chunk of work done over Reading Week, that went out the window (along with any plan to do anything) when I got a terrible case of food poisoning for the first three days of break. Since the last four days were cross-country skiing provincials, basically nothing happened but a lot of frantic packing. Suffice to say, it feels like I've been playing catch-up ever since.

So those are my excuses. It's not that I haven't physically had the time. It's that I haven't had the mental energy and it became easier and easier to just let is slip... one... more... day. But now I am back! And I have lots of posts planned for the next little while. (hold me to that, please!)

For today, I think I owe an update on how FAWM went, and to reveal the winner of the little contest I ran earlier in the month.

FAWM went really well this year. I was ridiculously far behind in the last couple days, but started searching the 'needs-lyrics' tag and found a lot of cool music that I could work with, and I discovered that I can write lyrics to music... and I don't find it that hard.

I import the mp3 file to audacity, break it down into sections, label them and then just start coming up with snippets of lyrics that fit the mood and fitting them together. For me, words are a million times easier than music or melody, even when I have to work around existing music and melody. But apparently not a lot of people feel that way, so I got a lot of gratifying compliments.

If you want to listen to any of my FAWM music (and some of it is really good, I promise) here's a link to my profile. It'll go dead after March/April, IIRC, but by then hopefully I'll have the good stuff up on YouTube.

As fun as all the collaboration was, I have to say it wasn't the most exciting part of FAWM - that was when Errol Elumir (of NaNoToons and NaNoMusical fame) did a video comment on my very first FAWM song of the year.

I nearly died of excitement when he said he recognized me from around the internet. And I may have done a lot of maniacal giggling. And... I'm going to stop here before I reveal exactly how crazy excited I was (not quite to this level, but close).

Also, in my last post, I promised a song to whoever found the clue about my faculty in the song "In King City". No one did, but that's cool - I wrote a song to you all anyways! It's an ode to internet friends, and for now at least can be found here.

As for the answers... I live in Kingston (hence, King City), and attend Queen's University (hence the repeated queen references). And the clue about my faculty?
Took a mudbath for hours
Climbing that pole was tough
I'm in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, which at Queen's means that as frosh you climb a greased 30ft metal pole in the middle of a pit full of ice cold muddy water. I was in there for and hour and a half until we managed to get a boy to the top to grab the tam (see here and here).

Well, I'm off to visit a friend at another school this weekend. I hope you all have plans that are just as fun and exciting, and hopefully it's not another month before I'm back!


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